Anna Korkobcova

"Waking up early and squeezing in little moments to create something before heading to work is pretty magical."

INTRO: Anna describes herself as a visual storyteller and strives to make art that matters. Adjectives she associates with her work are: playful, experimental, curious, thoughtful, passionate and authentic. It's clear that she is unafraid to experiment with new types of media. Her portfolio is lively, colorful, intriguing and distinct. On a personal level, she is able to use art and design as a means to interact with the world and learn something new. "My work and my personal life are one and the same. I love what I do and every aspect feeds the other."

RECENT WORK: At the moment, Anna primarily focuses on mixed media techniques and painting. She sees both as a language and an opportunity to connect with others. Color is a constant theme in her projects. Whether it's neutrals, brights or an entire spectrum, her palette seems to always be expanding. 

An on-going project titled "Color Series" demonstrates her experimentation with layering colors, objects, flowers and other materials. She takes existing portraits and expands upon them with her own imagination. She is clear about the fact that she doesn't own the the underlying images, and she is currently collaborating with photographers to do a fully copyrighted series. She would also love to collaborate with brands and magazines on future marketing campaigns and editorials. Email her directly if interested.

Anna has a knack for creating harmony between natural and synthetic textures. She recently worked with Ivanka Matsuba to create floral headpieces and a stunning series of photos. These pieces are an absolute circus for the eyes. I discover something new every time I look at them. Check out more of the series here

Photography by: Zack Piánko 

Hair and Makeup by: Katie Nash.

Photography by: Zack Piánko 

Hair and Makeup by: Katie Nash.

DAILY PROCESS: Outside of her art, she also works as an interior designer with San Francisco-based Homework. Her days are a balance of creative and logistical tasks. Her evenings are typically spent working on art, editing photos and brainstorming for new projects. She is also learning the importance of intentional relaxation. If she wants to unwind with a magazine or TV show, she is learning do so without feeling guilty. 

Mornings and weekends are Anna's favorite hours to work. "Waking up early and squeezing in little moments to create something before heading to work is pretty magical. I’m currently trying to embed this into a daily habit. Weekends are usually the most productive times as far as personal projects. Waking up early, making coffee and having the entire day ahead of me is a special feeling." 

Like many artists, the balance between researching and working is a delicate one. "Without inspiration, the work would feel forced. But there is a point when you have to stop looking and start doing. Often, the doing creates new inspiration out of the process in front of me." Coffee, to-do lists and an optimistic outlook keep her on track.

Photo by: Anna Korkobcova

ENVIRONMENT: When working on personal projects, Anna's ideal environment has a movie playing in the background or is completely quiet. She has two work tables, but also enjoys working on the floor so she can walk amongst whatever project is at hand. Her walls are filled with any and everything that interests her visually. "Of course, one day, I dream of having a separate, light-filled studio with big windows, lots of plants and plenty of room to display my work so people can just stop by and say hello."

When looking for fresh ideas and information, Anna attends lectures, reads magazines, watches documentaries, travels abroad and reads the news. "I’m always inspired by simply walking around, looking up and down, noticing new color palettes and compositions, listening to sounds around me. It all comes down to intentional awareness of the life that is happening around us."

PERSPECTIVE: Anna documents her work and has a strong presence across digital platforms. She appreciates the accessibility of tools and opportunities for exposure, but finds it necessary to set boundaries and create "personal separation" from technology. Again, the balance between looking and doing is a delicate one.

"Personally, I hope that my art creates an emotion with people and they feel connected to what they see, leaving somehow enriched. I’m slowly finding ways to create an impact with what I do. Achieving the perfect mix of design, art and making a difference in the world through my work defines success for me."

MIXED MEDIA: When looking for visual inspiration, Anna looks to: T Magazine, Nowness, but does it float and The Jealous Curator.

Source material for editorial projects is found via: W Magazine, Vogue and Vs. Magazine.

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To see more of Anna's work, visit her website and scroll through her Instagram. To collaborate with her on an upcoming project, get in touch here.