Solo in Paris

After reading Love Story by David Brooks based on a recommendation from a coworker, I came across Solo in Paris by Stephanie Rosenbloom. Both articles offered fun, new perspectives. David's column reminded me of the long list of classic books I should get around to reading. Stephanie's story reinforced how much I love solo adventures. Her introspective observations are beautiful, and here are a few of my favorite moments:

"In a city that has been perfecting beauty since the reign of Napoleon III, there are innumerable sensual details — patterns, textures, colors, sounds — that can be diluted, even missed, when chattering with someone or collaborating on an itinerary."

"In the spirit of flânerie, everything — not just museum objects — is worth seeing. Because I believe that, I awoke each morning indecisive about which direction to walk despite having vacationed in Paris several times and knowing enough rudimentary French to wander with confidence."

"It seemed that time had slowed. In certain ways, Paris felt like New York after a couple of glasses of wine."

The story is accompanied by a set of snapshots, and here's my favorite:

Photo: Agnes Dherbeys for The New York Times

Photo: Agnes Dherbeys for The New York Times