Navigating Stuckness

I came across this article by Jonathan Harris a couple of months ago and continuously refer to it when I'm experiencing "stuckness." As an artist and computer scientist, he has a really interesting lineage of work. I like that his insight bounces between the physical and digital worlds. Here are a few of my favorite moments: 

"...I realized that each time I'd been majorly stuck, it meant that a life chapter was ending, and that a new one needed to start  like the stuckness was always a signal indicating imminent change."

"I'd meet strangers in diners, and it would feel good to talk to them. I started to feel human again. I liked the feeling of rambling around, getting into strange situations, and actually living life in the physical world."

"Stories can alert you to the existence of certain truths, but you never really embody those truths until you reach them on your own."

"We have these brief lives, and our only real choice is how we will fill them."

The entire piece is full of golden bits of chill-inducing wisdom, and I really enjoyed checking out the rest of his work. Here's a favorite.