Fear, Failure and 4:30 a.m.

Fast Company recently published an article titled, "10 Ways To Do What You Don't Want To Do," and being fresh out of tax season, I immediately clicked. Originally published on his Top 25 blog, Zen Habits, Leo Babauta delivers sage advice in his signature calm, frank manor.

Babauta explores how the mental battle surrounding dreaded tasks begins with the loom and gloom of fear and failure. Below is one of my favorite highlights, but the article is well-worth reading in its entirety: 


"This task might seem hard or sucky, but actually there are a lot of great things about it. For example, if you’re doing it for work, hey, you have a job! You have money to buy food and shelter! You have eyes and ears and a mind to do this task! Imagine life without all these things, and then try feeling sorry for yourself for having to do something so hard. Or, instead, try being grateful for the opportunity to do some good in the world, to learn from this task, to get better, to be mindful as you do it."

I followed up this reading with Babauta's reflections on becoming an early riser. I especially enjoyed his advice on how to use morning hours wisely: 

"Don’t wake up an hour or two early just to read your blogs, unless that’s a major goal of yours. Don’t wake up early and waste that extra time."

Reading these articles prompted me to subscribe to his newsletter, and it's now one of the most exciting emails I get each day.