Antidote for Wednesday


Michael Bierut says never trust a designer who doesn't like reading: “Architects work with brick and steel, fashion designers work with fabric, and graphic designers work with letters and words, sentences and paragraphs,” he explains. Bierut observes that designers who don’t read tend to see words like “gray matter to be arranged on a page in an abstract way.” - Michael Beirut (article via Quartz)

The image above shows a bookshelf designed by Alexandre Pain that doubles as a guardrail for stairs. Found via Contemporist.

Fashion | Movement

"...each season, a handful of designers create costumes for the New York City Ballet, giving choreographers the opportunity to bring their vision to life, and fashion vanguards the chance to set their designs in motion." - Landon Peoples for Refinery29.

A fascinating project, combining two art forms in an interesting way.